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**EDIT2: If you feel you are owed a personal apology, or deserve a refund for anything, please feel free to note me about it. It will be taken care of.

**EDIT: I am just shutting down comments, good and bad, because it's turning into a bunch of fighting down there amongst everyone, and I honestly don't want anyone (for or against me) bickering and insulting one another. So don't leave a comment, even if in support. I'll just hide it -- because I can't find a way to disable journal comments. Anyone knows how, note me.

A few days ago I became aware of the presence of some public posts that do a lot of talking about me and things I have done, or supposedly done, and I honestly don’t know how many people see or read what has been stuck up there. In the interests of not being thought of as saying nothing because I agree or cannot refute the claims made, I decided to speak up and make this one post – I will not respond further to these other posts and shall henceforth ignore them. Because no matter what I say or how much I say it, or how many wars of words I could engage in, it’s not really within my prevue to change what’s been done. What’s said is said, the accusations are out there. 

Firstly, I shall not link to these posts, for that is neither here nor there; that’s not the point of this. If you want to know what’s going on, I’m sure you will seek it out for yourself, or someone else will link you. That’s entirely between you and them, and I make no recommendations regarding what you should or should not do. 

So. Now onto the important part. The main accusation that permeates these postings is that I am a thief. That I traced and stole artwork for my Rinja account and basically was a liar and a cheat about it. The posts select clips of my fanart and place them beside screencaps, lineart, whatever, to show it was done. I dispute wholeheartedly any accusations of tracing – never since I was five have I traced anything. Not a single solitary thing. However, I do admit to re-drawing things, meaning I looked at a picture and drew it again, on my own. “You’re splitting hairs”, you say, or maybe “it’s essentially the same thing, ends with the same end product”. I do not dispute this. That point I cede to anyone who makes it. There is, however, one difference between the two practices, and that is this: learning. Now, I make no excuses here, I only seek to give you an explanation -- I redrew things when I got stuck and frustrated, because I did not have the talent to get across the pose or whatever I was attempting. And yes, I did it a LOT when I first started on my path here. I make no equivocations for it, nor do I deny it. But I never, never, NEVER claimed I had done otherwise. Those of you who know me well, who actually read my artist’s comments, know I credited anything I used. I linked to original source material, if and where I could. I was open about it. I had discussions with people about it in the comments sections, off and on. I never lied about it, nor pretended it was not there, nor pretended I had come up with it all by my lonesome. The “need” to use such references and tactics has slowly ebbed away, and it is rare for me to engage in it anymore. I do not say it never happens, but when it does, it is stated that it has. I have always believed, and will always believe, that when something or someone else helps you, you give them a nod, a tip of the hat, some credit. 

Having said all that, I fully concede that with all my previous artwork no longer publicly available, it becomes a he-said-she-said scenario. What I guess is not actually understood is that most of my works are not deleted, simply stored. Old commissions and prizes – basically things I did for other people – are no longer around, or are saved to flash drives in the cases of later ones, but for the most part, most of my work is still in existence with all its original descriptions. I could screencap my storage files for people, but that’s not going to actually change anyone’s minds, I think. Either you know the content of my character already, or you do not, and if you don’t, a simple screencap isn’t going to change that. The point though is that I do have proof of my claims that I credited, and did so openly, if there was ever a need to prove it. I have no illusions that dA could provide last-updated/changed-on dates for each picture if they were pushed to do so. And I know 100% for a fact what they’d say: the last time there was anything done with them was when they were put into storage.

Basically the accusations have little to no merit, and while you can agree or not agree with the practice of re-drawing as you will, I simply explain it as a learning experience. Should I have posted anything done in that manner? No. Does the fact I learned anatomy and movement and (some) perspective in the process forgive it? No. But as I said, what’s done is done. There’s no changing it. Do I regret having done it? Yes. Should I have waited until I was secure enough in myself and own talents to post anything, if re-draws were all I felt able to do? Sure. Does that part of my history shame me? Absolutely. I will give you no argument, but I am not the first nor will I be the last to make that mistake. It does not negate it, but it’s not like I am alone in it. I had people who were fans re-draw MY work for themselves, and as long as it was credited, I never made anything of it (yes I would go nutsoid on people who DIDN’T, and again, I do not dispute that one); because I was ‘guilty’ of the same crime. I understood the rationale. 

Yes, I was (and still am) against using bases. I know some people consider basing and re-drawing to be the same, but they are not -- bases teach you nothing. You learn nothing in the fill-coloring of them. I wouldn’t have learned anything. But whether or not you agree with re-drawing, it does have one merit to its name: learning, as I stated previously. If you have to try and emulate something, it’s not like tracing or basing; you have to be the one doing the lines. Yes, someone else already did them, but you’re trying to retrace their steps; you’re doing the artistic equivalent of following the lead of a dance instructor. And you will feel frustration and anger, because it won’t work the first time. Nor the second. Maybe not the first dozen. And in failing at something so simple, you are pushed to ‘win’ at it, to successfully get something right. And when you finally do, it is because you have learned what works and what does not. It doesn’t look like the picture? Of course not, you drew the leg too long, didn’t you? What does that teach you? How leg anatomy doesn’t work. You don’t learn things like that in a vacuum – you have to have something to go off of, a map. Re-drawing can give you that map. Thus I can honestly say my mistake was not entirely in the re-draws themselves, but in the POSTING of them. That is where I screwed up, and make no excuses for it. 

Next, the second major point raised by these posts – that as an established liar and a thief, I also thieve ideas. I whole-heartedly and 100% deny this and am enraged at the very idea of it. I have NEVER stolen an idea, not once, and if ever something inspired some story piece of situation, Icredited it. And those were rare, for my imagination is one thing I am most proud of. It is as much a curse as a boon, and I bear its whims, caprices, and its pain. I lose sleep and go half-mad because there are not enough hours in the day, patience in the day, or opportunity in a lifetime to put them all to paper. I have no need or desire to steal anyone else’s ideas or plots or anything when I am already so filled with my own. I will admit to arrogance and pride on that subject, but it stands: I. DO. NOT. STEAL. IDEAS. The closest you can come to saying I ‘stole’ any storywork was the events and characters canon to the fandom, and even then, they were always credited as being someone else’s brainchild. So the idea and accusation that my Lyons plot was somehow stolen from a movie series is patently absurd. Those who have actually read the book know it to be garbage. At BEST, one name came from something related to the series – and you can’t own a name. Maybe the idea of talking lions/animals having human-like thoughts and motivations? Disney has no lock on that and never will. So what is stolen? NOTHING.

At this point, I could go on and on, but I have said all I can really say that is pertinent. This post is about me stating my side of the case, trying to rebuke what those posts have presented. I’d love to think I can change any minds that were swayed by what those posts said, but it’s really not up to me -- it’s up to you. You are the one who has to decide whom or what they believe. I haven’t the power to sway anyone to anything at all; all I can do is say my piece, so that you do not only see or hear one side and one side alone. Often, it is easy to believe what you see or read on the internet, and it’s easy to accept it, simply because it’s what we’ve been told. It’s harder to really look beyond the words and try and find the answers for ourselves. It’s so easy to just react. I’ve been there. 

And again, only YOU can decide what to believe and what to ignore, what holds merit and what does not. This is not a fight or argument I myself can win, not with anything I could do or say. I can only present my case, and let what will come of it, come. If I lose all respect from you, if I lose your good regard, then that it what will happen. I haven’t the power to force anyone to believe or not believe what they are inclined to.

I can only have hope.

Thank you, and as always, best regards.


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Skullaaa Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017  Hobbyist
May I have the account with your story of Uru on it? I remember enjoying it when I was younger.
Rinjapine Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017
I don't have any account with TLK on it. Sorry.
Skullaaa Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017  Hobbyist
Darn. What happened to all your artwork then? :\ 
Rinjapine Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
I removed all of it, like three years ago or so.
H-0ney Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh thank you so much for the favs! c:
Twitterlu Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
Hey lovely, long time no see!  I hope you're doing well, and that you're having lots of success. :iconluloveplz:
Rinjapine Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016
I'm doing ok. Depends on what you mean by 'success', tho XD
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